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Advanced Aging Treatments at New Medical Spa

Welcome to New Medical Spa, where the art of aging gracefully meets the science of rejuvenation.

Aging is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t age like fine wine. At New Medical Spa, we understand that each person’s journey is unique, and our mission is to help you embrace your age with confidence and radiance. Our comprehensive range of advanced treatments is meticulously designed to address the effects of time while enhancing your natural beauty. With a focus on our Aging Treatment services, we’re here to guide you through the process of looking and feeling your best at every stage of life.

Embrace the Journey of Aging with Confidence:

Aging Like Fine Wine

At New Medical Spa, we believe that aging is a beautiful evolution. Our treatments are aimed at helping you age like fine wine, with grace and vitality.

Stop Aging Now

Our team of experts is dedicated to empowering you to take control of your middle aged journey. With our innovative treatments, you can take proactive steps to stop aging in its tracks.

Rediscover Ageless Remedies

Our Aging Treatment services are your key to unlocking ageless remedies that address your unique concerns. We understand that each person’s experience of aging is different, and our personalized approach ensures that your treatment plan aligns with your individual goals.

Embracing the Changes

Middle-aged individuals often experience a shift in their skin’s appearance and texture. Our treatments are tailored to counter the signs of middle-aged skin and help you feel confident in your evolving beauty.

Why Choose Our Aging Treatment:

Choosing our Aging Treatment is a choice to reclaim your confidence, to stand proud in your ageless identity. Our personalized approach ensures that each treatment is tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re seeking ageless remedies, combating sagging cheeks, or addressing physical changes. Our expert treatments, including Daxxify®, IPL Skin Resurfacing, Erbium Laser Resurfacing, Dermal Fillers, Botox® / Xeomin®, Ultherapy®, PDO Threads, and Silhouette InstaLift™, are meticulously curated to restore youthful radiance and redefine your ageless allure.

Daxxify Treatment


Experience the transformative power of Daxxify®, an innovative solution for non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening. This treatment targets specific areas with stubborn fat and saggy skin, offering a non-invasive way to restore a youthful appearance and combat body shape changes.

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IPL Skin Resurfacing

IPL Skin Resurfacing

Unveil radiant skin with IPL Skin Resurfacing, a cutting-edge treatment that targets a range of skin imperfections, from uneven tone to age spots. This treatment helps combat the effects of aging and promotes smoother, more youthful skin, restoring skin’s natural glow.

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Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Elevate your skin’s texture and tone with Erbium Laser Resurfacing, an effective treatment for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. This procedure uses laser technology to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation, offering a smoother and more youthful complexion.

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Dermal Fillers

Rediscover youthful volume and contours with Dermal Fillers and Botox® / Xeomin®. These treatments are tailored to address specific concerns, from saggy cheeks to fine lines and wrinkles. Dermal Fillers restore lost volume, while Botox® / Xeomin® temporarily relax muscles to smooth wrinkles and reveal a more rejuvenated you.

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Ultherapy Body and Face

Ultherapy®: Body and Face

Experience the magic of Ultherapy®, a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten loose skin, countering sagging cheeks and helping you achieve a more youthful appearance without surgery.

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PDO Threads: Body and Face

Rediscover the power of lifted beauty with PDO Threads and Silhouette InstaLift™. These treatments offer non-surgical solutions for sagging cheeks and other signs of aging. PDO Threads provide immediate lift and stimulate collagen production, while Silhouette InstaLift™ uses dissolvable threads to lift and tighten the skin.

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Facial Balancing Filler

Facial Balancing Filler

Facial balancing with filler is a cosmetic procedure aimed at harmonizing facial features by strategically injecting dermal fillers into specific areas. By adding volume to targeted regions such as cheeks, chin, or jawline, facial proportions can be improved, enhancing symmetry and creating a more balanced appearance. This non-surgical treatment offers immediate results with minimal downtime, providing a natural-looking enhancement to the overall facial structure.

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Aging with Grace and Confidence:

Leathery Skin No More

Our range of treatments is designed to combat common signs of aging, including leathery skin texture. We’re here to help you restore the soft and supple skin you deserve.

Addressing Female Aging Body Changes

We understand that female bodies undergo unique changes as they age. Our treatments take into account these changes, offering solutions that promote skin health and rejuvenation.

Embrace Your Aging Body

Aging is not only about the face – it’s about the entire body. Our holistic approach includes addressing physical changes and body shape concerns, helping you feel confident from head to toe.

15 Signs Your Body is Aging Faster Than You Are

Changes in Skin Texture

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Loss of Skin Elasticity

Sagging Cheeks

Hollowed Under-Eye Area

Thinning Lips

Uneven Skin Tone

Age Spots

Changes in Body Shape

Loss of Muscle Mass

Joint Stiffness

Decreased Bone Density

Slower Metabolism

Reduced Energy Levels

Changes in Hair Quality

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aging Treatment:

When does your body start aging?

The aging process is gradual and begins at different times for everyone. However, noticeable changes often start becoming apparent in the late 20s to early 30s.

What are the primary body composition changes observed with aging?

As you age, you may experience a decrease in muscle mass, a shift in fat distribution, and changes in bone density, leading to alterations in body shape and physical appearance.

Can these treatments help counteract age-related changes in the body?

Yes, our advanced treatments are designed to address various signs of aging, including skin texture, wrinkles, sagging, and changes in body shape.

Are these treatments suitable for all ages?

Yes, our treatments are tailored to address a wide range of age-related concerns. Whether you’re looking to prevent or reverse signs of aging, we have options for you.

How long do the results of these treatments last?

The longevity of results varies depending on the treatment and individual factors. Our experts will provide you with detailed information during your consultation.

Are these treatments painful?

Most of our treatments are well-tolerated and are performed with patient comfort in mind. We use advanced techniques to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.