Treat your Insecurities at New Medical Spa, Richmond VA

A vital component of a person’s overall well-being is self-confidence. People who are confident tend to find better jobs, succeed on first dates, gain respect, go on more adventures, and have fulfilling lives. A person’s degree of confidence, however, can be impacted by a variety of variables, including genetic influences or lifestyle conditions. Thankfully, at New Medical Spa Richmond VA, we offer a variety of body treatment solutions to help you defeat your insecurities and supercharge your self-confidence. Would you take a look at some of these treatments?


Are you struggling to shed excess fat even with strict dieting and backbreaking exercises? Cut that off, and get a BodySculp from New Medical Spa. Diode-laser radiation is used in the body sculpting procedure to permanently eliminate resistant fat cells. Applicators are used to administer laser light that targets fat tissue in the hypodermis while causing no skin damage or discomfort. Your lymphatic system will subsequently evacuate the fat cells, which will reduce your body’s overall fat content. The body sculpting procedure takes only 25 minutes, which means you can resume your daily activities immediately.


At New Medical Spa Richmond, get your groove back with our FDA-approved, non-invasive injectables that will leave you beaming with confidence. Get Kybella injectable, which contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. Kybella injectable, which takes 30 minutes, helps your body to dissolve stubborn fat cell deposits and makes cells incapable of accumulating fats any longer. You can also get dermal fillers for your lips, cheeks, buttocks, jawline, and hands to give them volume, contour, and shape. Get rid of wrinkles with our 20-minute Xeomin and Botox injectable and see results in 3 days and lasting up to 4 months.

Advanced Skin Tightening

If you are not ready for surgery, New Medical Spa Richmond has a range of advanced solutions to tighten your skin. PDO threads enhance your natural beauty and help improve the appearance of sagging or drooping skin. PDO also stimulates the production of natural collagen, gradually improving your skin’s glow in the long term. Clients can also opt for Ultherapy, a non-surgical skin tightening treatment that addresses sagging skin on the face, neck, and body. Both procedures are minimally invasive, are approved by FDA, and allow you to resume your daily activities without undue delay.

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

At New Medical Spa Richmond VA, we offer a range of advanced skin rejuvenation services. These include tattoo removal using laser technology and Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing to jumpstart the production of healthy skin cells. Make your facial skin appear smooth, younger, and firmer with New Medical Spa Short Pump VA Vampire Facelift. Strike a blow to acne and ineffective facial treatments with our SkinPen Microneedling treatment. Our skin rejuvenation procedures are safe and come with minimal disruption to your life.


Is your overall wellness part of your new year’s resolution? Let our experts help you in weight management with a curated diet and exercise regimen. Give your metabolism a boost with our Vitamin B-12 injections. Say goodbye to droopy eyelids with the New Medical Spa Upneeq® treatment, which allows your eyes to dazzle and delight. Get rid of unsightly veins in your face and legs with our 25-minute laser vein reduction procedure. All wellness treatments are non-invasive, pain-free, and approved.


Well-groomed hair is a perfect statement of confidence. That is why at New Medical Spa in Short Pump VA, we have a bespoke solution for all your hair concerns. Ditch the mascara and stimulate natural eyelash growth with our FDA-approved Latisse medication. Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair? Our laser hair removal is the permanent solution you have been looking for. Safe on all skin colors, laser hair removal has no downtime and is approved by the FDA.

Why New Medical Spa

At New Medical Spa Richmond and Short Pump, VA, we offer customized treatment plans that strike at the heart of your insecurities and restore your confidence. Whether you are looking for short-term solutions or permanent treatment plans, we have you covered. Take advantage of our membership rewards and specials to get your groove back. Schedule an appointment today and speak to our experts about your needs.